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Maxim Heller, Dirigent
About myself

Art and music have been part of my life from earliest childhood.

As a young schoolboy I had my first conducting lessons and met Leonard Bernstein who left such a deep impression on me that when the time came to choose a subject to study, orchestra conducting was the clear winner over the alternatives architecture and car design!

But still organic evolution, breath and colours, as well as three-dimensionality, proportion and architectural structure remain central to my musical thoughts and feelings.

While studying, I also took a keen interest in philosophy, tai chi and chinese ink paintings.

My most remarkable concert experience ever I owe to Carlo Maria Giulini and I am deeply thankful for his encouraging remarks that he needed much time to learn while young, but with age finds he needs more time to think.

Thus, my artistic development is guided by consideration, endemic maturing, critical self-evaluation and patience.

These are the principles I follow.

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